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January 2024

Happy New Year to all our coffee drinkers around the world! Here is a list of our resolutions:

- Provide premier customer service alongside premier coffee

- Introduce decaf coffee as an option

- Select more certified organic & fairtrade products

- Continue to provide unique single origin coffees from around the world!

We would love to hear what your coffee resolutions are! Visit our blog page to let us know!

Coffee vending

Our January market was consisted of high winds and cool temperatures, but our warm, delicious coffee samples kept us going! This weekend we featured our Tanzanian, Ethiopian, Mexican, Colombian, Brazilian, and our NEW & UNRELEASED India!

We hope to see you at next month's market on the first weekend of February!

June 2023

After a month hiatus, we are back to serve our community with nothing but the best! In our community, there are a few new coffee shop, however, we are still the most loved coffee roaster in town!

It is always a pleasure to serve you fresh coffee that provides an alternative to the bitter coffee you find at grocery stores.

We had the pleasure this month to serve some of our coffee on the spot and were glad to hear instant feedback about the coffee. Thank you to everyone who sampled & even had a cup!

Seeing the folks who stop by our booth every month always makes our day and it means that we are surely doing something right! 

We will be at the Lakewood 400 Market in Cumming, GA again next month, July, on the weekend of the 14th. We hope to see you there!


March 2023

This month was the first time we debuted our single-serve coffee pods compatible with Keurig machines! Our local community was just as excited as we were and we can't wait to hear how good they were next month.

While it was a constant battle with the cold weather and the wind, it was well worth it! Every month we look to improve our coffee and bring more options available to our guests.

More guests this month suggested that we bring decaf available. We have listened and will surely put that on the list & stay tuned in the next few months.

We loved meeting all different types of people and whether they were return guests or new ones, it was a pleasure. We were also super thankful to those who gave our coffee a try! This business is founded upon local feedback and that has allowed us to continue to get better. Thank you Cumming, GA again!

January 2023

We kicked off our New Years with another visit to the Lakewood 400 Antique Market in Cumming, GA. Here, we showcased our newest coffee from Honduras and Mexico! 

The best part of the weekend was getting to meet many return guests and new folks from our area who ended up enjoying the coffee. It is a pleasure to get as much feedback as possible and see what our community thinks about it.


November 2022

Here, we made our way to the Lakewood 400 Antique Market in Cumming, GA to showcase our selection of coffee & engage with our local community to get insightful feedback on our coffee!

We premiered our new HOLIDAY BLEND and it was a hit! Thank you to everyone who supported us at the market and we hope that you enjoy our coffee!

EVERYONE seemed to love our coffee (especially our blends!) and even some that have never drank coffee in their entire LIFE. It was amazing hearing all of your comments on the coffee. As a local Cumming, GA company, we are able to tweak our roasting profiles to the exact needs of our community.