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Tanzania | Songwe Peaberry | Single Origin Collection

Tanzania | Songwe Peaberry | Single Origin Collection

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Experience the taste of a RARE Tanzanian light-roast coffee! Treat yourself like a true royal by drinking only the best coffee every morning. This coffee is processed naturally and roasted with consistency and precision to bring truly premium coffee.

This coffee has been tested over & over again to ensure the correct flavor delivery. Ultimately, you will have a smooth aftertaste with a citrus-like kick that makes this the perfect light roast!

Also available in K-Cups! Click here to see our entire K-Cup selection! 

It's not everyday you get to try unique coffee such as that from Tanzania! This coffee is only available in the light-roast setting because roasting it light provides the best flavor result. Roasting this peaberry coffee for too long will cause the flavors to dry-out and sacrifice the uniqueness of this Tanzanian coffee!

About Its Origin:

This Tanzanian coffee is harvested by a collection of smallholder farm groups in Mbeya, Tanzania. The coffee plants that are being used are Typica and Bourbon, providing a high quality finish to the taste. These coffee plants are grown at elevations up to 2,000 meters! The high elevation exposes the coffee to ideal weather, temperature, and humidity conditions to create a quality product. The process of washing and drying for this specific Tanzanian coffee bean is completely natural and is done by the farmers themselves. The drying process is completely natural and is performed by laying out the beans on a patio setting to allow it to dry naturally under sunlight. It's a hands on process where every coffee cherry is quality checked at each and every stage of the process. 

These processes make it no surprise that the result is a coffee that has a natural hint of apple juice, butterscotch, and sweet orange peel. 

We take these astonishing, natural, and truly unique beans and roast them once you place the order, to preserve the flavorful oils & aromatics that are only present in freshly roasted coffee.

On top of the coffee, you get great value for what you pay for!

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