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Signature Espresso Blend | Royalty Blends Collection

Signature Espresso Blend | Royalty Blends Collection

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Arguably one of our best artisan coffee blends, the signature RPC espresso blend is HERE! With impactful full-body notes of dark chocolate to a smooth finish of sweet fruit, this blend is sure to make the BEST espresso shot you've ever had!

By combining different portions of coffee from around the world, and roasting them to ideal espresso roast, this blend has easily become the most deliberate & detailed one yet.

This roast is a pleasant medium to dark roast, as compared with grocery store espresso roasts, which are burnt to a crisp. Ours have unique taste notes that go beyond "strong".

As with all our coffee, each bean is roasted after you place your order ensuring the best espresso results and the perfect crema to top off your shots!

Treat yourself with this high-end, artisan crafted blend each morning!

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