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All Knight Long Caffeine | Royalty Blends Collection

All Knight Long Caffeine | Royalty Blends Collection

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Everyone drinks coffee knows that there is caffeine in it, but what if we told you... there's more. Who doesn't like more?

No knight is complete without shining armor, and no coffee drinker is complete without its caffeine content. We know that, so we are packing a punch with our new double caffeine coffee: All Knight Long.

Combining delicious and powerful Latin America coffees, we've created a coffee that will bring you our trademark freshness and quality along with an extra boost.

This blend is roasted to a medium-dark level so that way you can enjoy a packed, full-bodied coffee that still resembles a smooth finish with a classic coffee flavor with subtle notes of apple and wooden spice. 


Disclaimer: Drinking excessive amounts of caffeine can have adverse health effects. 

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