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Brazil | Minas Gerais Natural | Single Origin Collection

Brazil | Minas Gerais Natural | Single Origin Collection

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Experience the taste of Brazil with this freshly roasted coffee! Treat yourself like a true royal by drinking only the best coffee every morning. This coffee is processed naturally and roasted with consistency and precision to bring truly premium coffee.

K-Cups for our Brazil are also available! Click here to see all of our K-Cups! 

About Its Origin:

The Brazilian green coffee bean is imported directly from Sul de Minas and is harvested from the Catuai and Mundo Novo coffee plant varieties. The process of drying is completely natural - it is done through patio-drying to make sure not to compromise the flavor. The fruit of the coffee cherry is left on during the drying phase to allow the bean to absorb as much of the natural flavors as possible. 

These processes make it no surprise that the result is a coffee that has a natural hint of molasses and milk chocolate flavoring for a sweet aftertaste. 

We take these astonishing natural beans and roast them once you place the order, to preserve the flavorful oils & aromatics that are only present in freshly roasted coffee.

On top of the coffee, you get great value for what you pay for!

Available in 8oz (0.5lb) or 16oz (1lb)

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