No Tricks, Just Treats | Your Ultimate October Coffee Guide!

No Tricks, Just Treats | Your Ultimate October Coffee Guide!

It's Finally October!

September felt like it passed by in an instant, but October is finally here! It is officially pumpkin spice and spooky season! The weather has changed into a nice, friendly breeze that makes long walks enjoyable. 

There is no better feeling in an October morning than sipping on a fresh cup of coffee to start your day. So, we’ve developed this October guide for you on how you can make the most out of your coffee this month!

What makes a good fall coffee?

Everybody has different taste preferences when it comes to their coffees. For example, people like very light African coffees and others like extra dark roast with the strongest kick. However, when it comes to a solid fall coffee, there seems to be one that sticks out the most.

The most popular coffee during this time is, of course, the pumpkin spice flavored coffee. When you buy ground coffee that does not contain any artificial flavors or sugars, look out for pumpkin spice creamer to add with it.

The best pairing for pumpkin spice creamer is with signature fall blends. These blends consistent of a classic, woody natural flavor note to them, making these coffees great for different creamers, or even just black.

When looking for fall blends, you have the option of buying from a grocery store or buying from a small business. Check out our other blog post, “Is YOUR Coffee Truly Fresh?” about the impactful differences this decision has on the flavor of your coffee. In sum, the fresher you get your coffee, the more full-bodied the natural flavor becomes. Royalty Premium Coffee is releasing a signature fall blend within the next week! Be sure to check back and snatch yourself a great tasting, local, and fresh coffee blend for your morning.

Here's How You Can Save

Now that coffee season has arrived, expect to see A LOT of great savings and sales! Currently, if you use code ‘SHOPSMALL’, you can receive 15% off your entire order! Later in the month, expect to see another sale go up as well. With everything in the world becoming more expensive, your morning coffee shouldn’t.

Be sure you follow us on Instagram and TikTok with our handle, @royaltypremiumcoffee. On there, we have exclusive and limited time only sales!

It can be SPOOKY choosing different coffees, especially with high prices and not knowing the roast dates. Royalty Premium Coffee has you covered this month with great savings opportunities and treating you with the freshest coffee you will ever have, guaranteed!

For more savings suggestions, see our savings guide here. See our premium coffees here.

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