Why Spring is a GREAT Season for Coffee Drinkers

Why Spring is a GREAT Season for Coffee Drinkers

Spring Time is Coffee Time!

When we think of coffee, we typically think of autumn or winter. Similarly, when we think of spring, we think of flowers and sunshine. 

Spring flowers

What if I told you, the best time for coffee is the spring!

When you think of the smell of coffee beans, most people think of the same aroma. It's the same aroma you find in coffee-flavored chocolates and coffee-scented candles. 

Then why is coffee in the spring different?

This is where specialty coffee comes in to play. Traditionally, a lot of large retail coffee companies use low-grade coffee beans and harvest the beans through heavy machinery. 

Specialty coffee uses a different approach. Through purchasing quality coffee beans that are hand-picked, specialty coffee roasters are able to pay a fair price to farmers while delivering their guests exceptional coffee.

The way to determine if your coffee is considered truly exceptional is looking at an official cupping score. Any beans with a cupping score above '80' is considered specialty coffee. Any coffee beans with a cupping score above '85' is considered exceptional specialty coffee.

At Royalty Premium Coffee, we make sure we only purchase beans that have a score above 85 to provide exceptional coffee.

What does this have to do with spring?

Great question. Aside from the quality of beans harvested, it is important to understand that how beans are grown are equally important. 

When beans are grown at a high altitude, it provides a denser bean that is saturated with natural flavors and sugars. Similarly, when the coffee cherry is left on the bean during natural drying of the beans, the beans absorb the cherry's flavors.

Farmer picking coffee beans

With this in mind, many coffee beans that are grown in different African countries are notorious for their sweet & bright flavors that exist within the beans. 

It is important to know that this is VERY different than the coffee you find in the grocery stores. 

Many retail coffee companies may add artificial flavors to make their coffee seem bright and floral. Specialty coffee from these African countries are naturally already bright and floral.

So, you have specialty and bright coffee beans, now what?

Now with these beans we can craft blends that provide a twist to your traditional sense of coffee. 

We have crafted our own Spring Blend that provides a light, balanced, and naturally floral taste to your coffee. 

It isn't very often you can find these specialty coffees in the grocery store. Typically, you have to look to small-batch roasters that provide quality coffee. Luckily, you don't have to look any further than the website you are on now! 

Coffee doesn't have to be the exact same thing every time. When you think of coffee scent, whether it's from your Keurig, candle, or chocolate, try to think of the different intrinsic aromas each type of coffee provides.

Switch things up this spring with our new Spring Blend today! Be sure to let us know how it tastes by giving us a review and we look forward to hearing what you think! We also luckily have them available in our new single-serve coffee pods compatible with Keurigs! 


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