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3 Tips for a Better Morning Coffee!

Getting a Better Morning Coffee

No matter how satisfied you are with your current morning coffee, there is always something that you can tweak to make your morning coffee better. 

However, if you are already satisfied with your brewing methods and skills, be sure to pair them with our premium coffee selection that is roasted fresh & to-order so you get the optimal cup of coffee. 

Here are three key tips for how to create a better morning coffee: 

1. Grind Size

Whether you grind your own beans or purchase ground coffee, the size of the ground coffee particles have a lot to do with the outcome of your coffee. When choosing which coffee to choose, be sure to look at what the bag is designed for. For example, a grounded espresso blend will more than likely be grinded to be used in espresso machines. 

If you happen to use a brewing method that requires a finer or coarser grind than what you have, then you are not taking advantage of the potential that your coffee can have. Because of how many different brew methods exist, it is important to identify what grind size you should use. Here we have a list found on Royalty Premium Coffee instagram

Coffee grind size chart for different brewing methods

However, sometimes when shopping in grocery stores, the ground coffee bags may not specify what grind size is used. To fully optimize your fresh morning brew, consider turning to online coffee shopping. You can choose & purchase different grind size options with a variety of different coffees here at Royalty Premium Coffee. 

2. Coffee to Water Ratio

Coffee is magic. You can use the exact same coffee machine, with the exact same coffee grounds, and the same amount of water, yet you can still have variability in your coffee cup. It is what makes coffee so unique and a beautiful art form.

Because of the variability of coffee brewing, it is important to keep the variables in your control as consistent as possible. One key variable is the coffee to water ratio. This is essentially the ratio between how much coffee grounds you use and how much water to use. 

Everyone has different preferences. Do you prefer a lighter, yet more watery coffee? Or do you prefer a darkerfull-bodied coffee? While these factors are heavily reliant on the roasting of the coffee itself (light, medium, and dark), the amount of coffee grounds you use can also make it seem like a coffee is lighter or darker. 

For example, if you use a drip machine and place 3 spoonfuls of coffee ground for 4 cups of water, your coffee is more than likely going to come out watery due to the high water content. 

Different brewing methods require a different coffee to water ratio, so it is important to do some research about your specific brew. However, do some of your own experimentation and if a coffee is lacking a full body character, consider adding a few more spoons of coffee ground. 

3. Your Brewing Machine Itself

Of course, different brewing machines lead to different results. There can be many different factors: the contact between the water and grounds, the time of contact, the pressure of the chamber, etc. 

If you are looking to try something new for your coffee, maybe start with getting a different brewing method. For example, if you use a machine that requires a pod for brewing and are unsatisfied with your coffee, then consider purchasing a french press.

Again, everybody has subtly different preferences with their coffee, so ultimately you have to be the experimenter and determine what fits your preferences the most. 

A french press will be a great place to start. They are generally inexpensive and operate easily. The results that they produce are great and you end up with a great, full-bodied coffee (as long as you follow tips 1 & 2!). You will be surprised the wonders that such a simple machine can do!

Stay tuned for further, advanced tips on how you can create an even better coffee! Be sure to sign up for emails on exclusive offers & announcements. 

Remember, you may have the fanciest coffee machine, but without quality coffee beans, your coffee won't meet your expectations. Be sure to check out our selection of premium coffee here. Currently, we have a sale with our Fall Blend that you can find here



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