Stepping Into the World of Coffee Blends!

Stepping Into the World of Coffee Blends!

The Time is NOW to Get Into Blended Coffee

Whether you are somebody who pays particular attention or no attention at all to what type of beans are used to make your coffee, you have to know about the world of BLENDS!

Coffee blends truly give each different bean its own identity. A coffee blend is a mixture of purposefully selected coffee beans to achieve a particular flavor outcome. 

Sometimes simply purchasing single-origin coffees can get boring for some. If this is you, and if you are becoming more uninterested in your average morning coffee, we got you covered.

Blends are magical.

Because of the immense variability of each cup of coffee, blends introduce another key factor: the ratio of different beans used. When you purchase a coffee blend, there is a specific ratio of the amount of bean used. For example, 50% of the blend may be beans from Indonesia and the other 50% consists of two other origins. 

Even the slightest change in the ratio can lead to a completely different flavor outcome. 

Blends are complex

The next time you see a bag of blended coffee, think about the experimentation and research that went into finding out the exact recipe for making it the best it possibly can. 

With the different combinations and different percentages, it unlocks an unlimited potential to create a beautiful mix of natural flavors that can complement each other very well.

Instead of experiencing a couple of taste notes from a single-origin coffee, blends provide different natural flavor identities from different beans that express themselves in your coffee. 

Instead of your coffee simply tasting like caramel apple flavor notes, your coffee may now exhibit a hint of cherries, spice, and caramel flavors. This flavor complexity is exactly what gives each different blend its own identity. 

Blends are fun

What better reason to try out blends other than the fact they are just fun to brew! Whether it is a seasonal blend or just a unique combination of beans, brewing up a solid cup of blended coffee can be exactly what gets your morning started! 

When you purchase one blend, be sure to compare it to another blend from the same place. That way, you can notice the different flavor notes in each blend and spice up your morning with some variability! 

Blends are recipe must-haves

Trying to follow the spirit of the season? 

Looking for a cup of coffee that reminds you of autumn?

If so, then blends are the way to go. Many places create blends that are seasonal and include flavor notes that are representative of the season. 

One example of this is Royalty Premium Coffee's Brise d'Automne, meaning "Autumn Breeze". 

Fall Seasonal Coffee
This fall blend consists of three different beans and different origins. However, when put together, they create a coffee that has taste notes of apple, cinnamon, and wooden spice. 
You can actually get this exact fall blend for only $9.99 online here.
The recipe potential of this blend is huge. Our blog post about fall recipes makes this the perfect pairing with all of those recipes. 
Of course, this is not to say that the single-origin coffees do not hold their own advantages. If you are looking for consistency in your coffee, then purchasing a single-origin coffee is ideal. 
Those who also appreciate a uniform flavor in their coffee will also be more interested in our single-origin coffee collection.
Whether you are team blend or team single-origin, we can all appreciate the unique advantages of both! Let us know in the comments below which team you are on and why! 
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