Out With the Old, In With the New | Do You Need a Coffee Refresh?

Out With the Old, In With the New | Do You Need a Coffee Refresh?

How satisfied are you with your current coffee?

After drinking coffee for a long period of time, you may find yourself asking these questions:

Why is my coffee bland?

Why is my coffee average?

Why is my coffee watery? 

What makes coffee taste better?

Does all coffee taste the same? 

Why is my coffee so BORING?

If you have been drinking coffee for some time now, and have found yourself asking some of these questions, then it may be time to switch things up. Stop it with the boring stuff; get up every morning excited for a great tasting coffee!

Out With the Old

Envision yourself going out with friends to see a new superhero movie. You watch it the first time and you think it is great. Then, another group of friends ask you to watch the same movie. You agree, watch it, and then enjoy it less than the first time. 

Imagine this happens over and over again, except replace the movie with your morning coffee. Just like how you wouldn't have the exact same food everyday, why would you settle for the same coffee? It also does not help that many store-bought coffees taste the exact same: average. 

It may be time for you to consider to make a change and ditch 'average' tasting coffee. The reality is that your morning coffee just isn't the same as it once was. 

Coffee beans are intricate, complex, and delicate items. They contain such diversity both between different coffee origins and different beans within the same farm. Even the slightest change during the roasting of your coffee beans can have a dramatic impact on the flavor. 

If you are experiencing boredom with your current coffee, it's time to ditch the old coffee and start to appreciate the vast world of coffee out there. Then, instead of asking questions about why your coffee tastes so bland, you can start asking questions like:

What flavor notes do I want to experience in my morning coffee?

When was the coffee that I brought actually roasted? 

Paying attention to these subtle differences can make you a more informed consumer and allow you to select coffees that stand out from simply 'average'. 

In With the New

When asking yourself, "how can I make a better cup of coffee?", start with knowing what goes into a good cup of coffee. 

The primary reason that a coffee may taste bland and average is because of the roast date. The roast date is when the green coffee bean was roasted to become the brown coffee bean that we all know of. It is during this process of roasting that natural flavors within the bean are unlocked, giving it its true identity. As time goes on, however, those flavors will start to wane and the freshness of the coffee diminishes. 

Try and look for coffees that write their roast dates on the packaging itself. Many coffee companies don't do this and as a consumer, you should be skeptical. For many, it isn't enough to simply put "fresh" on the bag. As a consumer, you have the right to know when your coffee was roasted, so you can make the best purchase and ultimately the best cup of coffee. 

One place that you can find coffee that puts their roast dates on the bag & roasts to order is Royalty Premium Coffee. Their coffee is never roasted in advance, meaning when you place your order, your coffee is roasted then & there. By the time it comes to your door step, it will have allowed any excess gas to be released and is fresh enough to brew. 

Aside from the roast date, the other important consideration when purchasing new coffee is the type of coffee bean(s). If you are buying single-origin coffee, what flavor notes are present in the coffees produced by the country? If you are buying a blend, what kind of coffee beans are being used and what are the taste implications of it?

These are all great questions to ask when considering which coffee to buy. Unfortunately, when you are at the coffee aisle in a grocery store, it can be difficult to find this information. Not only are you scrambling to find a bag with a roast date, but also with information about the beans, their origin, and their flavor notes. One example of a thoroughly explained coffee is this Tanzanian coffee. Here, the origins of the coffee are laid out as well as the different flavor notes within the coffee bean. 

Don't just leave the choice of what coffee to choose up to complete randomness. Switch up your morning brew with something new that you specifically can choose. You can also check out our Fall Recipe post with ways to spice it up and add some real flavor! 

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