Is YOUR Coffee Truly Fresh?

Is YOUR Coffee Truly Fresh?

Why Should You Care About "Fresh" Coffee

You hear the word "fresh" thrown around in every T.V. commercial, online advertisements, sandwich shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. But, what do we mean by the word "fresh"? 
For many, it is seen as another advertising trick - to make you think that a product is better simply because it has been produced sooner that the competition's product. In the context of coffee, "fresh" is more than just a marketing trick...
Coffee is grown only at specific elevations and atmospheric conditions. It is also considered a cherry! The coffee beans that we use are actually just the seeds of a cherry plant. Like any other fruit or produce, freshness is important to the flavor. 
Just like how you pick out bananas that aren't overly ripe or soon expired from the grocery store, coffee is similar in the sense that the time it has been roasted can make it more ripe or desirable for brewing.
Most data suggest that the optimal brewing date is just two weeks from the roast date.

Have Your Coffee Roasted to Order!

When you purchase coffee online, make sure that coffee is roasted once you place the order. That way, you aren't getting coffee that is pre-roasted weeks, even months, in advance. 
One place you can do this is at, where every order is roasted then and not before. 

How You Can Be an Aware Coffee Consumer:

The next time you are in your local grocery store to shop for coffee, take a few of these into consideration:
First, look out for roast dates on the coffee bags. Many coffee roasters will opt out of placing their roast dates on their bags. However, some may want to display their roast date, like Royalty Premium Coffee. 
Second, look out for local! Because many large coffee companies do not have the ability to create coffee that is two weeks old to the entire nation, it gives local companies a comparative advantage. Coffee roasters in your local area will more than likely be able to provide the freshest coffee in town. Shop for these, all while supporting small & local businesses!

Get Fresh Coffee Delivered to Your Doorstep, Every Month!

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting the freshest brew every morning is subscribing to a monthly delivery service. You can get fresh coffee delivered every month by going on and selecting "subscribe & save 10%" on the coffee of your choice. You heard that right, you save an extra 10% on your coffee by subscribing, all while eliminating the hassle associated with running out of coffee.

Final Thoughts

If you don't buy dark brown bananas, why would you buy coffee that has been on warehouse shelves for months and months? Do you know where that coffee has been roasted? 

There is a lot more to buying a bag of ground coffee than many think. However, the next time you are in need of more coffee, be sure to take some of these into consideration. 

We are here to help you with some of those considerations and to provide fresh coffee. It can be hard to decide what coffee you want to try next, so give a small coffee roaster who values high-quality beans a chance!

You can check out Royalty Premium Coffees at:

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